About Us


Throughout the world, our solutions enrich people’s way of life.

Uponor’s objective is to enrich people’s way of life by offering high-quality indoor climate, plumbing and infrastructure solutions that elevate living comfort to a new level, help save natural resources, and are energy-efficient and safe to operate. As a leading brand in the industry, Uponor aims to sustain continuous profitable growth, and to strengthen its pre-eminent position in the key geographies.

Uponor offers reliable solutions for plumbing, radiant heating and cooling

For developers, installers, architects and consultants there is one reliable partner when it comes to heating systems such as under floor heating or radiator connection. Uponor offers comfortable solutions for water underfloor heating which include all elements needed such as from the supply lines, underfloor heating manifold, pipe systems up to heating controls. Our innovative products ease the way of installation for plumbing with our composite pipe or PEX pipe which include all needed metal fittings and plastic pipe fittings up to the needed accessories and tools. Our pre insulated pipe systems connect different buildings and supply the needed infrastructure for environmental friendly solutions ideally in combination with under floor heating. You see Uponor has to offer a lot besides underfloor heating systems.

Smart Green Technologies

Smart Green Technologies in close co-operation with Uponor Germany offers a professional experience when it comes to design and supply of sanitary and water based underfloor heating solutions. It is in our best interest to provide our clients with clear and accurate information when deciding to use the “Green” solution.

Our technical sales team is well versed in converting client’s needs into high quality cost effective solutions.

When working with Smart Green Technologies we will take you, “The client” through all aspects of how the system works so that you will be able to identify all of the key components. This will ensure that you don’t end up purchasing products you quite simply don’t need. All technical data will be made available completely free of charge before you have made a commitment to using our product. This way you will be able to look through all the technicalities before purchasing the product. Designing water based underfloor heating systems is a very specialised role and for that reason we use our in house Uponor BIM engineering software This offers opportunities for significantly improving project efficiency through collaboration and the coordination of information and resources. This then ensures that the installer will have a set of professional heating drawings off which he can work from and produce a high quality standard of working systems.

Uponor – “Simply More” Enriching our way of life

Uponor is a leading international provider of plumbing and indoor climate solutions for residential and commercial building markets across Europe and North America. In northern Europe, Uponor is also a prominent supplier of infrastructure pipe Systems and we at Smart Green Technolgies and Better Installation Systems pride ourselves in being a partner in such an international company for the past 12 years. Uponor does not just offer a plumbing system but A Greener energy efficient housing solution on Plumbing and Radian Heating and Cooling. Uponor offers its customers solutions that are sustainable and safe and reliable to own and operate. Visit www.uponor.com for more info. Uponor’s network of professionals is extensive and geographically widespread, which ensures a service that is unparalleled in the industry and on which our customers can count.

Uponor – Experience to build upon

Uponor’s products represent quality, reliability and professional design. They are typically used in applications with long lifetime requirements; often they are inside structures beyond direct reach.

Over a long period of time, Uponor has accumulated unique experience and knowhow in the development, production and use of plastic piping systems for plumbing, heating and infrastructure applications. Understanding customer needs and having the experience and in-depth knowhow on product design, on what materials to use, how to manufacture them, and how to install, operate and service them gives Uponor a solid platform to develop new innovations that give customers peace of mind. We believe in sustainable building to preserve resources for future generations. Our aim is to create innovative systems that use less energy, conserve water, reduce waste, and preserve structures. Our processes are developed to guarantee security, durability, low energy use and the least possible burden to the environment. Uponor sets the highest standards for the manufacture, installation and use of our plumbing, heating and infrastructure solutions.

Creating better human environments

Uponor’s core purpose is to partner with professionals to create better human environments. Whether in private, commercial or public areas, our products help create conditions in which people enjoy living and working. We partner with professionals and help build a more sustainable future. By working closely with building industry professionals, we want to give them more, to offer them something special – everything to help them do better and to succeed, whatever the project.