PE-Xa Pipe

PE-XA Pipe

[vc_headings borderwidth=”5px” borderclr=”#acdd4f” align=”left” title=”Specifications of PE-XA Pipe” titleclr=”#acdd4f”]Uponor PE-Xa is a pipe for hot and cols water applications. The pipes are made from cross-linked high density Polyethylene (PE-Xa). Cross-linking is a process which changes the chemical structure of the plastic material in such a way the polymer chains are connected with each other to form a strong three dimensional net of chemical bonds.

The chemical structure makes it impossible to melt or dissolve the polymer, without first destroying its structure.

Uponor PE-Xa pipe sre therefore suitable to use at pressures and temperature for which previously only metal pipes were appropriate.

In addirion the UponoerPE-Xa pipes have a unique elasticity. Thus when expanded, a pipe wall will always strive to resume its original dimension. (unless it is expanded beyond the breakpoint which is over 300%).

Uponor PE-Xa have excellent long – term properties and are proof against corrosion. The internal diameter will not be reduced due to corrosion or to sediment build up that can often occur in metal pipes. The pipe material also boast the advantage of not being affected by high flow velocities or by low PH valued water (aggressive water). Nor is it affected by building materials such as concrete, lime mortar, gypsum. Uponont PE-Xa does not give off taste and smell, or add any harmful substances to the drinking water. The material used by Uponor PE-Xa is elastic and has a shock-absorbing affect in case e.g. a mixing tap suddenly shut off. Water hammer in fact is reduced to one third compared with traditional metal pipes.


  • Prevent Tape, paint and sealing compounds containing plasticisers anf other products containing solvents from coming in contact with the pipe as the compositions in these products affect the long-term properties of the pipe negatively
  • Since UV radiation affects the pipe, a Uponor PE-Xa pipe should not be sored or installed in such a way as to be exposed to sunlight (UV Radiation)


[vc_headings borderwidth=”5px” borderclr=”#acdd4f” align=”left” title=”Flexible planning, reliable procurement and easy installation ” titlesize=”30px” titleclr=”#acdd4f”]Until today, planning and installation of risers was an extremely complex task. Conventional systems comprised up to 300 special components and connections had to be assembled on location. Often in great heights or in cramped confines. But problems like these are a thing of the past with the innovative Uponor MLCP Riser System.[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings borderwidth=”5px” borderclr=”#acdd4f” align=”left” title=”Modular system for almost any kind of task ” titlesize=”30px” titleclr=”#acdd4f”]The Uponor MLCP Riser System follows a modular design principle. With only 31 components, you can perform any task that required hundreds of parts up to now. Thus, you can easily plan standard projects as well as customized solutions for particularly tricky challenges. And even in case of unforeseen problems on the construction site, the system is highly flexible. With any connection easily being unfixed, you can quickly adjust it to the new task.[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings borderwidth=”5px” borderclr=”#acdd4f” align=”left” title=”Pressing at the workbench ” titlesize=”30px” titleclr=”#acdd4f”]With the Uponor MLCP Riser System, the decisive step of installation is done on the ground, because you can do the pressing conveniently and precisely at the workbench. On the construction site, you only have to put the pipes into the fittings and lock them – without any tools. That saves time and additionally ensures the quality of your results.[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings borderwidth=”5px” borderclr=”#acdd4f” align=”left” title=”High availability of the whole system ” titlesize=”30px” titleclr=”#acdd4f”]Due to the reduced number of components, all the parts you need are virtually always in stock. For construction service providers and installers, this puts an end to annoying delays caused by long delivery times.
On the other hand, distributors profit from the small stock requirements and the high turnover rate of the system.[/vc_headings]
[vc_headings borderwidth=”5px” borderclr=”#acdd4f” align=”left” title=”Your benefits ” titlesize=”30px” titleclr=”#acdd4f”]

  • Unique and innovative
  • Easier planning
  • Quicker processing
  • More efficient stock management
  • Greater flexibility